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Hawkesbury Radio FM 89.9 Radio Interview

John Bryant radio announcer from Harmoney FM 89.9 interviews Author Robert McMaster about his recently released book  “Swapping Desks – Pioneering Business Succession via Employee Ownership”.




Common Wealth – Stake Holders with an Actual Stake

Rob McMaster presented a 20-minute talk at UTS Sydney – Centre for Business and Social Innovation. 

Topic:  “Better Enterprises” where C-Mac Industries (Aust) Cooperative is shown to be a “Proof of Concept” for other businesses to adopt this model creating more 100% employee-owned companies in Australia.

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There was another fourteen great topics and speakers that spoke about:

  1. Pre Power – Kevin Fox
  2. Digital Value Capture – Stephen Alexander
  3. Biodiversity Credits – Rohan Clarke
  4. Cooperative Advantage – Sam Byrne
  5. Closing the gender investment Gap – Moira Were
  6. Brisbane Tool Library – Sabrina Chakori
  7. Eco Villages – John Talbot
  8. Social Traders – Mark Daniels
  9. Equity Crowd Funding – Anna Guenther
  10. Co-operative Capital – Robyn Donnelly
  11. Green Industrial Transition – Dr Jose Ramos
  12. Modern Financial Risk – Richard Schutte
  13. How did we get here? – Professor Emmanuel Josserand
  14. Stake Holders with a Stake – Andrew Ward (Wardy)


The time for worker cooperatives?

An introduction to the what and why of starting up an employee-owned cooperative.  This followed by an interesting interview with Damon Horrill – Cornerstone Inns (Sept 2020) Damon talks about his experiences and the benefits.

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(Watch the YouTube video from the 25 – 48 minutes)