Mutual Value Measurement or Cooperative Value measurement is a recently developed method funded by BCCM and Monash Business School

As values-based businesses, the greatest challenge for co-operatives and mutuals is to let our values shine. This is a new way of measuring our positive impact on our members, our customers, the community and the economy.

There is a toolkit for measuring the value we create. A framework that helps the CME sector measure their total value creation (mutual value) through a set of common dimensions. Creating a commonly shared language about measuring and reporting mutual value.

The MVM Framework can be used by CMEs across different industries, of different sizes, and with different capabilities.

The Framework uses six dimensions to cover the unique areas of value that CMEs generate.

  1. Commerciality

Generation of sustainable economic value for current and future members through business cooperation

  1. Shaping Markets

Creating, maintaining and/or shaping sustainability and competitive markets for goods and services

  1. Member relationships

Building and maintaining meaningful and sustainable relationships with members of the CME

  1. Community Relationships

Building and maintaining strong and sustainable relationships with the broader community beyond the members of the CME

  1. Ecosystem and reciprocity

Stakeholders of the CME are part of the mutually beneficial and sustainable ecosystem, a ‘virtuous circle’.

  1. Mutual mindset

Acting ethically, sustainably, and consistent with mutual/cooperative values.

  • Doing the right thing
  • Thinking and acting long-term
  • Being trustworthy
  • Good staffing and governance

A great flyer on BCCM’s website explains it nicely.


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