About Employee Ownership(EO) Legacy

The EOLegacy website and book is full of great resources on Employee Ownership (EO). There are four easy steps to get a full understanding of the book "Swapping Desks - Pioneering Business Succession via Employee Ownership". What are your waiting for?

  • 1

    Do you want to realise your assets?

    Learn how to realise your assets for retirement and implement a socially responsible method of succession

  • 2

    A NEW Business Model

    To learn how our 50 year old family manufacturing company was saved from closure

  • 3

    Save Jobs and Skills

    Start reading to understand how employee ownership and employee-owned cooperatives can “Unlock Australia’s Wealth”

  • 4

    Empower Employees

    Learn how your former employees can re-invent the business for the future. Coping with IoT digital disruption and Manufacturing 4.0

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