Chapter Previews


Chapter 1 Family Roots

We treated C-Mac like a baby even before its gestation back in the early Sixties. However, the impending birth was more akin to a prolonged pregnancy. Before she was married my mother, Margaret played tennis at Strathfield with friends including members of the Kennard family. She asked her boyfriend, who was doing a sheet metal apprenticeship and would later become my father, if he would like some pocket money making roof racks........


Chapter 2 Party Time!

The 5th November 2016 represented a significant milestone in C-Mac’s history; we had reached our FIFTIETH birthday!

In the intervening years, the business had progressed from........


Chapter 3 Baby Boomer Retirement

One of the critical issues for Australian manufacturing is that we are moving into a significant demographic change where business owners, especially baby-boomers, are transitioning into retirement. Baby Boomers in 2019 were on average 69 years of age. Approx. 60% of all businesses are still being managed or owned by baby boomers. Many own small enterprises and want to exit their business to realise their assets for retirement...........